The Bromley Outing Club takes great pride in its dedicated and skilled administration and coaching staff.  It has been the goal of the BOC to assemble the most talented team in Southern Vermont and beyond.  With great efforts over the past few years, our goal has been accomplished.

Members of our coaching staff have some impressive professional backgrounds – from Olympic caliber participation and coaching to leadership in the industry.  They are all amazing role models and mentors to our program participants.   Athlete training sessions will be great educational and inspirational experiences for our young athletes. Our programs are skill development based and our mission is to instill a genuine appreciation of winter alpine sports that benefits our participants their whole life.

Coaches are generally available after practice to answer questions and may schedule periodic meetings with parents to review program content. Please refer any major comments or complaints to the Program Director.  Parents are encouraged to observe training sessions.  Please do not interrupt training sessions unless you have an urgent need to communicate to your child.  

To facilitate communication between the BOC administration and the parents, the Club is open Tuesday – Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00-4:30.

Below is a listing of the BOC Staff for the 2016/2017 season:

Coach Trey preps Bens race skis at Pico.


  • Director, Amy W Zimmer: Email
  • Race Administrator, Toni Harkins: Email
  • Office Manager, Jeanette Haight


Sue Kramer- Head Technical Coach

  • U19/21: Mike Kerwynn, Lead Coach
  • U16:  Trey Spencer, Lead Coach
    • Chris Daley
    • Scott Trudell
  • U14: Neiko Razinger, Lead Coach
    • Megan Susslin
  • U12: Erik Smith, Lead Coach
    • Megan Peters
    • Brad Pajala
    • Lydia Morgantini
  • U10: John Bleh, Lead Coach
  • U8 Lara Mullin
    •  Olivia Maeder
    • Leyte Mcnealus
    • Jay Wachala
    • Robbie Cozean
    • Stefanie Hoffman
    • Sam Nebraska


  • Tim Mullin, Lead Coach


  • Cameron Klick, Lead Coach