Name: Erik Smith

Tell us about yourself: I grew up in Lake Placid, NY and learned to ski at Whiteface Mtn. I competed for NYSEF from the age of 7-19 and attended Northwood school. After years of competing in college, I was lured away add started a career in the golf business. Following many warm winters, I developed an overwhelming desire to be on snow and around ski racing again. I knew my racing days were behind me so I began my coaching career. I am looking forward to passing along some of the fundamentals I have learned over more than 20 years on snow.

How long have you been with the BOC?    This is my first year

Why do you choose to work at the BOC?   I was looking for a club that was not just a weekend program.

What do you do in the summer months? I work as a golf professional

What is your favorite trail at Bromley?  I have never skied Bromley

Is there anything you would like our parents to know about you?   I would like the parents to know that we are going to strive to create strong fundamental skiers who have a passion for ski racing.