John Bleh

Tell us about yourself: I’m an outdoors guy who spends his time skiing, fishing, playing soccer and just plain enjoying mother nature. When I’m not outdoors, I’m thinking about it and planning my next adventure. I’m fortunate to get to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world through my work with fishing and hunting lodges. Standing on top of Bromley with a group of U10s is the best feeling in the world.

How long have you been with BOC?  Boc U10 coach 8 years / JISP instructor 8 years before that.

Why do you choose to work at BOC?   I love the attitude at BOC; a combination of laid-back fun and competitive fire that keep it interesting with the perfect balance.

What do you do in the summer months?   Fly fish, travel, play soccer and fly fish.

What is your favorite trail at Bromley?   Toss up: Avalanche Glade and Havoc

What do you love most about coaching at the BOC?  I love working with the young kids and watching the light bulb go on when they “get it”. Especially after you’ve explained a concept 10 different ways and they tell you: “why didn’t you say that?” There’s a real challenge to working with this age group. Take more than 20 seconds to explain something and you’ve lost them. We try to create muscle memory at the same time so the kids are performing even if they don’t always understand why they’re doing something.