Name: Megan Peters


Tell us about yourself:   I am a level 1 race coach. I have coached U10, U12 and U 14’s I have been skiing since I was 5 years old. I work at Mountain Valley Medical Clinic during the week. I love to ski and work with young adults on how to improve their skiing. I am pursuing my nursing degree.

How long have you been with the BOC?    I started with BOC 5 years ago.

Why do you choose to work at the BOC?       We are a close family of ski athletes, parents and coaching staff. We look out for all athletes not just the one’s we are coaching today.


What do you do in the summer months? I am an avid cyclist and hike with my family and 2 labs. I love to hunt and fish.

What is your favorite trail at Bromley? Thruway for big GS turns.


What do you love most about coaching at the BOC? We are all a family and watch out for one another.



Is there anything else you would like our parents to know about you?        I coach because I love it.