Name: Neiko Razinger

Alpine racer in my junior years

Full certified ski instructor

Spent time working in between Argentina, Switzerland and U.S.

Snowboard instructor for 1st snowboard school at Stratton Mtn.

Coached alpine racing at Stratton Mtn, SMS Academy & BOC

How long have you been with the BOC?      5 years


Why do you choose to work at the BOC?    My former director Dave Pinder convinced me that BOC known to have a family atmosphere, would be a nice fit for me.

What do you do in summer months? Work for my company doing painting & renovations

What is your favorite trail at Bromley?  Thruway

What do you love most  about coaching at the BOC?    Camaraderie

Is there anything else you would like our parents to know about you?   I love skiing and coaching, so far I’m involved in the ski industry for 37 years. What keeps me coming back every winter is seeing the athletes progress in every way through the years and thinking that part of it was my small contribution to their continuing love for the sport.