Name: Trey Spencer

Tell us about yourself: Over the course of 24 years of coaching I have been able to work with great people. Both athletes and coaches. I have enjoyed every age group I have worked with. Maturing as a coach is an ongoing process.

How long have you been with the BOC?  Began 1985-86 season. Took off 1992-95. Returned 1999 to current.

Why do you choose to work at the BOC?  Logical profession from running four seasons of NASTAR program for ski school. I wanted to coach.

What do you do in the summer months?     Self employed carpenter.

What is your favorite trail at Bromley?    Twister-Twister

What do you love most about coaching at the BOC?     We are family, athletes, coaches and parents.

Is there anything else you would like our parents to know about you?     Driving holes in snow is fun!