Head Coach: Neiko Razinger

The U14 level emphasizes ski racing techniques in slalom, giant slalom and the introduction to super G. U14’s race 8-10 times a season at various mountains in Southern Vermont, and are eligible to qualify for Vermont State Championships and Junior Olympics (JO’s).  Much of the season the program is based around a set progression.  This progression allows for optimal success for each athlete as their season progresses.  At the start of the season the focus is purely on drills and directed free skiing.  Following that an introduction into gate training starts with brushes and or stubbies.  After this step of gate training, full gates will be introduced as the season progresses.  This age group also competes within the Skills Quest events; in such we ask that your son or daughter take a look at the website to see just a few skills/drills we would work on in the beginning of the season.

Athletes at this level are coming into an age where having a complete understanding of their sport is beneficial for their development.  In such, goals are a keys to the success that the athlete wants to achieve.  Coaches help build and facilitate each individual’s goals at the beginning of each season; making sure they are obtainable.  Athletes and parents should also understand the rules and regulations adjacent to the sport; they should follow the link below to the SVC Rules and Regulations.  If questions arise seek out your coaches for clarification.

 2014-SVC Rules

Eastern Ski Association Youth Skills Website

Access to Sprongo: Video Analysis

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