Head Coach: Tim Mullen

Olivia M -Race Devo team rips it up on Corkscrew..

The Development Team (DEVO) was established to serve a population of athletes that are looking for a program with a more relaxed approach.  Since, its induction to the programming at the BOC that focus has not been lost.

For athletes who are not sure which program to choose from (competitive racing, freestyle, etc.), the Devo Team is a great place to start.  Skiing with the Devo Team and in other Bromley Outing Club programs is always encouraged in all age groups; not only to become a better all-rounded skier, but also find their own personal niche. 


While race training is a component of the Devo program, there will be considerable emphasis on free-skiing in a variety of conditions and environments.  Directed free skiing will take place in all conditions, on all terrain, at  Bromley Mountain.   The philosophy is that your daughter or son will become a well-rounded skier.  If your son or daughter are wanting to get their feet wet in the other side of skiing, come join in on the fun that is DEVO!  



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