Bromley Outing Club – Call for Volunteers 2018

To all of last seasons volunteers, THANK YOU.  The volunteer support you provided to the BOC helped contribute to a great season and the athletes, administration and the board of directors truly appreciate your support.

Again, for this season, the core of the BOC’s culture is the commitment and loyalty of you, our members.  A key factor that contributes to the continued viability of the club is the level of volunteer time members commit to across numerous activities. It’s with this commitment that we are able to direct financial resources into obtaining the best coaching, safety, training and facility equipment and daily club management.


For the 2018 season there are a number of areas we are looking to staff with a team of volunteers who will own the activity for the year. With the new year we are moving forward with a new, improved and an easily accessible way to sign up for events.  The club has listed each event we will be hosting for the 2018 season and the roles that are needed to make each event a success.    Please click on the button below and take a look at all the events for the season.  We feel this approach will enable the club to continue to improve the planning for events, enable more members to engage in these activities and plan collectively around their personal schedules.  You can also check up on other club on-goings throughout the season by checking out our events. (2018 calendar coming soon – just a few updates!)


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Knowledge is power and here at the BOC we want you, our members to be informed as much as possible.  So, in order to continue providing you with information we have decided to give you some helpful tools to assist in your ability to be the best volunteer you can be.  Below you will find different avenues of instruction on how to be a gate judge, course worker, etc.  If you have any questions in regards to any of the roles; ask, as we are here to help you, our loyal and valued members become more aware and informed of the sport your children have learned to enjoy.


Volunteer Information/Knowledge Materials:

 USSA Volunteer Competition Worker Registration

 Volunteer credits and description

Gate Judge Regulations



Gate Judge Videos