World Cup Details – Saturday, November 26

World Cup Details – Saturday, November 26
The BOC has 43 athletes in the parade and 4 chaperones. VARA has closed the parade, so we cannot add any more athletes to the parade. There are still a few spots on the bus if you would like to join us.
The Bus
The bus is $30 per person. I will be sending out invoices today via square. Please prepay your invoice to make the day of the event easier for everyone.
General admission to the event is free.
Please wear your BOC jackets! The new jackets you ordered are in and will be available to pick up on Friday during the day at the BOC or Saturday when you are getting on the bus.
World Cup Parades are NOISY!
Bring your noise makers! If you have Cowbells, Air Horns, Kazoos, Whistles or drums, BRING THEM!!!!!! Let’s make some NOISE!!!
BOC Chaperones – Trey Spencer, Sue Kramer, John Bleh & Megan Susslin
BOC Banner – Kristina Harmon & Ryder Keller-Facas were chosen by a random draw.
Parade athletes should…..
Dress warmly
Wear rugged hiking shoes or boots
Leave packs at home or with your parents as you must go through a security check. Athletes will be staging in front of the Killington Ski Club along with the BOC chaperones. All athletes must be in the staging area by 7:30 AM.
Once the athletes march in the parade, they will have their own viewing area next to the finish. Parents are able to go and join the athletes after the parade to watch the race.
Please take loads of photos and share them with me!!!
The bus will be leaving Bromley at 5:45 with or without you. PLEASE don’t be late!!!
5:15       Bus Arrives at Bromley – Begin loading
5:45       SHARP! Bus DEPARTS Bromley – Please don’t be late!
1 hour travel time
6:45       Arrival at Skyship parking lot
6:45       Load shuttles to Killington – K-1 Base Area
7:15       Athletes to arrive in staging area by 7:30
8:45       Opening Day VARA Athlete Parade
9:30       GS – Run 1 – Superstar
12:30     GS – Run 2 – Superstar (airing on NBC at 3 PM)
2:00       Free concert featuring O.A.R – K-1 Base Area
4-5         U.S Ski Team Autograph Signing – K1 Base Area
5:00       Load shuttles back to Skyship Parking Lot
5-5:30    Load bus back to Bromley
5:30       SHARP!!  Depart for home
1 hour travel time
6:45       Arrive at Bromley

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a BLAST!!!!!!!
Amy W Zimmer